• Work that makes a difference – we create products that make people’s lives better
  • Bring your ideas to life faster – start-up style
  • Experience various types of design projects
  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan


Do you feel real joy about creating things that will make an impact on people’s lives?

Do you believe that being a designer is more than just sketching and 3D CAD?

Are you excited to see your ideas come to life in a fast-moving start-up environment?

Are you hungry to learn so you can do bigger things and develop your skills?

Are you thrilled to be part of a fast-growing small business in creating consumer products?

If this gets you excited, we want to get to know you!


We are looking for a talented & passionate Junior Industrial Designer

Vansburg is a Seattle, USA based company, and here in our Taipei office, we’re expanding our team!

Our mission at Vansburg is to help people sleep better. We design and engineer innovative sleep products like the Manta Sleep Mask.

We believe having quality sleep is the foundation of everything good that happens in life. Whether it’s success, happiness, health or wealth – everything stems from good sleep. So Vansburg’s mission is to give people control over their sleep in our chaotic modern lives – to give them the groundwork that empowers and enables everything else.

Here’s why working with Vansburg might be cool for you.

Success As An Independent Brand

You get to learn how we create products for our own brands and sell them as a successful independent eCommerce business. From product development to marketing, to dominating the world’s largest eCommerce platform, Amazon.

Design Freedom

We design and develop all of our products in-house. All decisions are directly made by the team, which means 100% control over everything we design.

Making A Difference

Your work actually makes a difference. Good sleep is an important contribution to a happier and healthier life. We firmly believe that helping people sleep better can make the world a better place!


What kind of tasks will you be dealing with?

Industrial design

Your main task will be to create innovative products that help people sleep better. From first ideas, over sketches, building simple mock-up models and 2D drawings, all the way to finished 3D design and renderings for mass production.

Graphic design

Packaging and logo design, as well as simple illustrations and infographics. You don’t need to be an expert. Experience with graphics and packaging is a plus, but not a requirement.


As a small and nimble company, we’re constantly growing and evolving. There will no doubt be other tasks you’ll be involved with to support the team.


Who are we looking for?

Someone with a BA in industrial design

You are holding a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design or similar, have recently graduated, or maybe already have a little bit of relevant work experience.

Someone who can communicate in English

Your English doesn’t have to be perfect. Still, in the office, we mostly speak English, so it’s important that your level is at least good enough to communicate.

Someone who has great attention to details

You are someone who pays attention to every little detail – in your design, and in everything else you do.

Someone with a growth mindset

You are eager to learn new skills and take on responsibility for your work. In a small business environment, things come up and problems need to be solved. When you encounter problems you do not stop, but strive to find a solution.

Someone with a hands-on working attitude

You don’t dig sitting behind your computer all day. You don’t mind to get your hands dirty, build stuff, play around with new ideas and materials.

Someone who cares about others

If you are the kind of person that genuinely cares about others, and you give generously of your time and energy in helping others, we’ll be happy to have you around.


Working hours and compensation

There will be a 3-month trial period on an hourly freelance basis.

This trial period helps to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Afterwards, this position is FULL TIME.

Salary range: NTD 35,000 - NTD 40,000



Have you read through everything and are super excited? If so, we want to talk to you.

Please apply with samples of your work to